Shop Fitting Construction

Retail Construction and shop fitting has been our fastest growing departments in the past few years. We have undertaken a large number of shop fits for a variety of international clients including Hugo Boss, Apple computers, Ted Baker, Lego, G Star, RAW, Supertrash, House of Fraser and Giuseppe Zanotti Design to mention but a few. We have also undertaken many shop fitting projects for national and regional brands, some of which have been design and build projects. We are tendering on a ongoing basis for many new shop fitting projects and welcome all new tender offers. Our shop fitting projects has taken us from London to Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin and many European countries. We tender for projects in the UK and many European locations.

Residential Construction

Residential Construction, reconstruction and upgrading is another area where we have vast experience. We have completed many high end residential projects over the our many years of existence. With residential projects reaching exceptional levels of detail and quality requirements in recent times, we are the obvious choice for such projects. Design and build together with traditional contracting provide the basis for the lead in to these projects. Our teams of project managers and site managers have vast experience in this very important area of modern day construction. The residential up grade/ reconstruction industry is said to be worth some £18 billion in the UK. We are open to all tender offers in this very important sector including design and build.

Commercial Construction

We have been building commercial buildings for manyyears and over those years we have at this stage built just about every type of commercial building imaginable. These commercial projects comprise of new builds and refurbishments/ upgrades to existing buildings. The buildings themselves vary from offices, airport buildings, warehouse buildings, shopping centres, distribution centres, listed building refurbishments, cinemas, hotels, sports centres, fire stations to mention but a few. We have vast experience in the area of commercial construction and our teams of project managers and site managers have vast experience in the delivery of such projects. We are open to all tender offers for commercial building construction projects including design and build.

Medical Buildings

Over our long years of existence, we have completed many medical type buildings. These vary from hospital construction projects such as renal dialysis units, surgical units, general hospital construction, medical centres, day surgery units and many more. We have again vast experience in the area of medical projects construction and out teams of project managers, engineers and site managers can deliver these projects in the medical environment to exceptional standards. We are open to all tender offers in this area.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings, we have constructed years ago consisted mainly of basic industrial units for manufacturing, storage, distribution and similar such uses. However in recent years our industrial building construction has advanced dramatically as industrial buildings are now used for some very high technical uses. We have over the years adjusted as the market requirements has changed. Recent industrial building projects have included high tech manufacturing space for many uses. We have also in recent years built and upgraded clean rooms within industrial building/spaces. We have also built pharmaceutical manufacturing units. We are open to all tender offers in this area of construction including design and build.

Educational Buildings

Our experience and track record in educational or school building construction is to say the least extensive. Since our early years we have been building school and educational buildings. Over these many, many years we have built schools of every level from pre-school buildings up to and including university buildings. As with many other building types, the requirements, standards and content of these buildings has increased dramatically over the years. We are and have been as we do with all our buildings constantly upgrading our building and construction methods to meet and exceed these ever increasing standards. We have teams of projects managers, engineers and site managers with vast experience in the educational area who can deliver any educational/ school project to exceptional standards.