GSLSG.S.L.S. Cash in Transit Service

Bourke Construction recently completed the construction of an expanded facility for G.S.L.S. cash in transit company. The works involved a major extension and re-organisation of spaces within the cash service facility.

This was required due to the expanding busniness of GSLS which required upgraded and enlarged facilities to handle a large number of cash logisitcal services such coin services and ATM cash management.

Much of the works on this project had to be undertaken at night and out of hours. Security was the biggest overall focus due to the nature of the business of the client. Due to the exceptional security requirements generated by the building being a coin and cash distribution centre, very advanced security and electrical systems were required. Bourke Construction co-ordinated and constructed all these systems in conjunction with various specialist specific consultants. The overall mechanical and electrical contract in itself was indeed a significant project. The co-ordination of the overall works including mechanical, electrical and security services which was the key to the successful completion of the project on time and within budget.