St Patricks Church Bell TowerSt. Patricks Church Bell Tower

The new bell-tower in the grounds of St. Patrick’s Church, was designed as a modern bell tower to compliment the adjacent church and was built to commemorate the work of the Sisters of Mercy.

The large stone plinth tells the story of the foundation of the Convent and the Mercy cross in the window of the tower represents the work of the Sisters of Mercy.The bell tower was designed by Axo Architects after an open architectural competition was held.

Bourke Construction tendered for this project on a selected tender basis. The selected tenders were chosen on their specialised construction knowledge and ability in working with fine fair-faced concrete finishes. The construction was a cast insitu process, the heavy base and tower are reinforeced concrete with very high quality finishes. There were added complications with many structural steel inserts, openings and joints which all had to be incorporated. The tower was poured in two pours with one consealed joint.

The completed works were judged by the architect to be exceptional in their standard of execution. All works were undertaken by our own tradesmen and no element was sub-contracted.