Bourke Construction completed a complex clean room project in a short time frame at Bio Shell. In particular the extensive clean room manufacturing areas in this pharmaceutical manufacturing facility were all fully deconstructed to change completely the layout of the manufacturing area of the factory. The works involved complete deconstruction of all manufacturing areas, reconstruction to new layout design and standards.

The integrations of all mechanical, electrical and medical type services in to the new space was a considerable element of the works.The works had to be constructed / co-ordinated to exacting standards to achieve the certification required by the client which was part of their approval /licensing for the manufacture a number of drugs for humans.The complex services installation wascompletely co-ordinated by Bourke Construction and involved clean room construction, medical air/gas installation, clean water systems, reverse osmosis filtered water loops. The works involved the avoidance of all construction details which would allow any scope for infection or invasive aspergillosis.