mc keeMcKee Army Barracks, Listed Building

This project consisted of the refurbishment of the entire building which included existing roof and feature chimneys at the North Accommodation Block at the McKee Army Barracks. This 19th century barrack building is a listed building. The North Accommodation Block, in its scale and architectural design is the most important structure within the McKee Barracks complex. The building had suffered from two fires in the 1960s which caused significant damage to the roof structure and coverings. There was extensive replacement of the original tiles with concrete tiles and the roof was suffering from deterioration due to frost damage and a loss of tile material. As a result the main and adjoining roofs had to be stripped back and the original clay tiles reinstated.

The many chimneys of the North Block had become structurally weakened over the years and had deteriorated significantly. Specialist cleaning had to be undertaken to remove pollution layers. All joints were raked out, vegetation removed and appropriate lime based pointing carried out together with part reconstruction of many of the chiminies.The decorative octagonal structure in the centre of the building called a Flêche which rises nine metres above the ridge line also had to be refurbished. This timber structure, mounted on a steel frame required extensive repairs carried out by Bourke Construction craftsmen in accordance with best conservation practise. These repairs included replacement of 60% of the structural timbers, treatment all structural timbers, new 18mm marine plywood backing and reinstatement of the original details garnered from the original architectural drawings.

The numerous windows and timber surrounds of the dormers were in extensive state of disrepair. The decorative features of the dormer structures and their windows were repaired and conserved in Bourke Construction in-house joinery. For each window the defective material was removed with new timber sections spliced in to match the existing profiles. Broken or cracked glass was replaced with new glass to match the existing. The building is now again used as an extensive army residential facility