audiAudi Terminal Buildings

Bourke Construction Group have completed many design and build Audi projects. The current corporate architecture is known as the Audi Terminal which is exceedingly complex from the point of view of the requirement for exacting standards of construction particularly the complex detailing. Our in-house architectural staff have undergone technical courses and examination given by Audi at their headquarters in Germany. It is indeed an essential requirement of being granted permission by Audi to design and build such terminals that technical courses are completed and passed. The construction phase of these buildings is inordinately more complex than what meets the eye, this is because of the complicated geometrics and detailing contained in the overall architectural design. Sign off by Audi to signify the achievement of their high standards and details is an ongoing requirement during the construction phase. The construction phase for many of these buildings is extremely short therefore fast track construction is required. The finished product is, however, amazing.

Bourke Construction Group have constructed many other motor showrooms for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault